DP-Vit syrup

Vitamins, Minerals and Protein

Nutritional information (Approximate Values)
Each 15 ml. contains:
Protein Hydrolysate 20% 1gm.
(eq. to total nitrogen 30 mg)
Vitamin B1  IP  1 mg.
Vitamin B2 IP 1 mg.
Vitamin B6 IP 0.5 mg.
Niacinemide IP 15 mg.
Iron Choline Citrate 66% 60 mg.
Magnesium Chloride IP 10 mg.
Manganese Chloride USP 0.1 mg.
Colour: Caramel DC.
Flavour syrup base q.s  q.s.

Causes of DP-Vit syrup?

Give Healthy Life to your family with..
Producing energy, neuroironsmillers. red Blood Cells and with Blood cells.
It helps to protain level.
Multivatiamins, Minerals with Protein Hydrolysate syrup.
Delicious orange sweet flavour.